Saturday, 23 May 2009

No wonder we are losing faith in our justice system

Last night I nearly wrote a very angry post about the sentencing of those who viciously abused and eventually murdered Baby P, but I decided to reflect and see if I calmed down...but I haven't. Reading the story on the BBC I was incensed at the pathetic sentence that Baby P's mother's boyfriend received for his death. The report read as follows:
"The boyfriend was given 12 years over Peter's death and life for raping a
two-year-old girl. He must serve a minimum of 10 years".

What?!?! He gets 12 years for systematically abusing a helpless toddler who eventually died as a consequence, and he gets life for raping a girl of two, but after ten years he may be considered for parole! This is an absolute disgrace. No wonder people have lost faith in our justice system.

The Chief Executive of the NSPCC got it absolutely spot on when he said: "We are disappointed that the minimum tariff was so low. It raises the question of how bad the abuse has to be before offenders get a longer minimum time in prison. Baby Peter suffered sustained abuse leaving him with horrendous injuries. Two of his abusers could walk free at a time when Peter should be a schoolboy with a new world in front of him. Despicable cruelty has denied him that opportunity.
These three caused or allowed the torture and death of a defenceless baby."

I spoke to David Davis this afternoon and he is going to wrote to the Attorney General in disgust. Good on him. I think we should all write!


MLH said...

I just got done reading the story on "Baby P" and I am extremely saddened. It is things like this that make me lose all faith in "Humanity". I cannot believe the painful two year existence the "Little One" was allowed to endure. I have a seething rage within me that wants to see real justice done to the woman who they call his "Mother" and her "Pedophile" boyfriend. Save the taxpayers some money, thats why the death penalty was created for situiations like this!! And the "Professionals" as they like to be called, the doctors and child welfare/services people should all be put on trial and serve prison sentences for what they allowed to transpire in this little boys life!!! Fired......they got off easy. And the doctor I cannot believe can still practice medicine under supervision!! Wow!! Thats punishment!!! Thats Justice!! No wonder there are vigilantes in this world. Somebody has to dole out justice the courts can't seem to!!

Roger Dalton said...


As one of your supporters your comments on this particular blog shows to all just what type of person you are. One who will stand up for the rights of the victims of such despicable cruelty and crimes.