Sunday, 31 May 2009

The last weekend!

We had another excellent team out yesterday for the last Saturday session before the local and European elections on Thursday. We split into two groups and half went canvassing and the other half put up posters before we all met up for lunch at the Robin Hood. I really like the new posters - the message is clear and you can notice them from some distance. It was a superb day for it and was very difficult to leave the comfort of the beer garden after lunch! However, the poster team did just that and merrily went on with their hard but extremely valuable work for the rest of the afternoon.
Since I was not going to be much use in the poster team due to my lack of arm muscles or ability to hit things with a sledge hammer, I went to see my family instead but I made my excuses early so that I could get back in time to watch the Britain's Got Talent Final, which I did with a few minutes to spare! What a fabulous final it was too and a great end to the last Saturday before Thursday's elections.

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