Sunday, 3 May 2009

Comment moderation!

After my post on Friday about Shadow Minister Maria Miller MP visiting the excellent Sure Start Centre in Chatham I received the following comment which although at first I rejected but then decided to post the comment here as an example of how Labour have totally lost the plot. Which ever activist (or even politician) wrote this - sadly they were too scared to publish it in their own name - has not only lost the plot but clearly hasn't done their homework!

Their comment is in italics and my response is in blue:

What porkies tracey. You only invited Labour councillors at the last minute (they invited themselves and I saw no reason why they couldn't come so rang Cllr Maple and said they would be very welcome) after you were rumbled (Maria is under obligation to tell the local (Labour) MP so it was hardly a secret) using council premises for party political purposes during an election period (it was a Shadow Cabinet visit and there are no local elections in Medway). And unlike you they also have real jobs during the day (do your homework - I work full-time and took a day's annual leave to be in the constituency for Maria's visit; being a candidate is not something you get paid for unlike being a local councillor).


John M Ward said...

Ah, welcome to my world, Tracey! I get these kinds of comments from time to time. Well done for "fisking" this one.

All it really shows is that the local Labour bods are watching your activities and your 'blog, and that they are now getting really worried that the safest of the three Medway-area seats will also change hands at the General Election.

That is one point on which I agree with their implicit assessment of the future of the Chatham and Aylesford seat.

Simon said...

Talking of dodgy conduct that charity, Place2Be looks distincfly odd. It looks like a classic New Labour fake charity. 72% of its funding comes from National and Local Government, only 6% comes from voluntary donations. Why do these organisations masquerade as charities? It's in the same sort of category as ASH and BRAKE, the propaganda units that lecture us on booze and speeding whilst pretending to be charities.

Have a look at there are loads of them registered there. I hope any incoming Conservative Government will cut taxpayer funding to these organisations and make them get their money by donation only as any proper charity does.