Saturday, 16 May 2009

Canvassing this week

I was out in Snodland on Wednesday and Walderslade last night. Conservative support is definitely begin to strengthen. Curiously only one person mentioned expenses to me on Wednesday and two people simply spoke about a "general mess" last night. Interestingly most people have been very sympathetic saying it must be difficult trying to get into politics at this point when Parliament is in disrepute, the economy is such a shambles, and public support for politicians is at its lowest point for some considerable time. My response thus far has been that it may be difficult but the current crisis actually makes me more determined to get elected and sort things out. And with today's opinion polls showing that the public want an election now lets hope I get the opportunity sooner rather than later.

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Simon said...

Didn't you have a discussion with Jonathan Shaw on Radio Kent about expenses a year or so ago? I couldn't find it on the BBC site, perhaps you could post a copy here if you have one. I'd be interested to have a retrospective listen to his views.

He appeared on the Daily Mail "Roll of Dishonour" at the time. It's still there. The other names on the role also make for interesting reading.