Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Monday canvassing

Last night was a wonderful night to be out doing our survey canvassing in Aylesford. It was warm, light and the spring flowers smelt fabulous. We started at 6pm and finished just after 7.30pm and despite it being dinner time I still had some long conversations with residents about the current economic situation. What also surprised me was how aware of the "credit crunch" children are. There were some girls playing in their front garden and out of curiosity they came over to find out what we were up to (good neighbourhood watch!). When we told them they fully understood what we meant and it was quite clear that conversations about tough financial times was something that is happening around the dinner tables. If one were to be looking for silver linings from these desperate times then it would be that the next generation may be more hesitant about accumulating massive amounts of debt and perhaps save more for the "rainy day".

After being subjected to a really cheeky, albeit unrepeatable on a family blog, chat up line from a group of teenage boys on the swings, we called it a day and I headed off to the Snodland Branch meeting to catch up with activists and to hear Cllr Sarah Hohler's update from Kent County Council. It appears to be good news that KCC can recoup up to 80% of its losses from its £18.5m investment in Iceland's Heritable Bank.

If this glorious Spring weather continues then I expect to be out a lot more in the evenings - although I might avoid the swings next time!

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John M Ward said...

Hmm. What you might lose out on at the swings you can probably gain on the roundabout :-)

I too find that youngsters come up to me when I am delivering or canvassing. They are usually quite with-it, even in some of the less likely back-streets of (for example) Chatham Central, and I have gladly stopped to answer their questions and hear their stories.

On one occasion I thus found out that four houses in one such backstreet are haunted…