Sunday, 26 April 2009

Budget reaction

As I mentioned earlier this week, the general reaction from the people we were calling to survey to the Chancellor's Budget was pretty poor. Now this has been verified by the latest set of opinion polls. It is hardly a surprise when the Budget ultimately plans to increase taxes on families and local firms. Having looked through the Red Book and the supplementary notices (worth only doing if you are suffering from insomnia!) it is clear that:

  • National Insurance will be increased for workers and for firms which will discourage businesses from hiring staff, cut people’s pay packets, and mean anyone earning £20,000 a year or more will be worse off
  • National debt will double to £1.4 trillion – this is equivalent to £22,500 of debt for every man, woman and child and to make matters worse, taxes are to rise by £1,000 for every family over the next two years
  • Fuel duty is up 2 pence per litre, and will continue to rise by more than inflation for the next four years, increasing the cost of travelling to work, taking children to school and going shopping
  • Alcohol duty, which was hiked up in December, will rise again as part of the Government’s plans to increase the cost of beer, cider, spirits and wine by more than inflation every year. This punishes responsible drinkers and is putting small local pubs out of business, and
  • Business rates are rising by £1 billion in the middle of a recession. Business rates are the biggest cost for firms after rent and staff costs. Bills have soared for local firms since the beginning of April, and further large hikes are expected next year too.

In these tough economic times, families and local firms across Chatham & Aylesford are going to pay the price for Gordon Brown’s failings. These aren’t taxes for the few; they are taxes for the many. At a time when people are losing their jobs or facing pay freezes, hard-working families now face smaller pay packets and a higher cost of living thanks to Labour. As with the end of every Labour Government it will be up to the Conservatives to repair our broken public finances and help lead the country out of recession. It is clearly time for a change!

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