Sunday, 15 March 2009

Weekend off

We had a weekend off from the campaign and clearly timed it very well with regards to the weather! I have managed to do a little bit of constituency paperwork but otherwise I have spent most of my time outside doing domestic duties like cleaning the windows and hanging out the washing. Normally my poor other half has to deal with all the chores whilst I am out knocking on doors but this weekend he got to watch Wales on the TV instead and I did all the hard work! Although I still managed to get read a book of American Presidential speeches and watch 2 episodes of the West Wing so it wasn't exactly all work work work...

Today with the girls having a lunch time kick off I went to watch my 10 year old nephew play football in Lenham this morning. They play a rather odd set of two games with each game being split into 7.5 minute halves. I don't understand why they do that but never mind Rhys played well and they only lost 1 nil in one game and drew 0-0 in the other one. I haven't been able to watch him before because his games clash with my team's so it was a real treat for me. After his game finished I dashed off to Bearsted where our girls battled hard but lost one nil and then I managed to make it back just in time to watch England in the Rugby followed by Spurs' win over Aston Villa.

So after a relaxing weekend in the glorious Spring sunshine, it is back to work tomorrow on the campaign for change.

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