Saturday, 21 March 2009

Greenacres Estate...and noise barriers again!

We had a team of 8 out this morning for a canvass session in the Greenacres Estate and despite the large number of "outs" I was pleased with the returns. So many people are now vehement in their dislike of this Government that, as previously recorded from other recent canvassing, are willing to change their voting habit of a lifetime and support the Conservatives - or at least not go out and vote Labour, which has pretty much the same effect. I knocked on one door and when the guy rather said "I'm a true red" and went to rather aggressively shut the door in my face, I couldn't help but retort "well it is nice to find one", before tittering to myself and going next door.

However the canvass returns aside the most interesting aspect of this morning was the local MP has circulated a letter to residents of Greenacres, Teapot Lane and Hall Road with a "noise barrier update". The way the letter has been worded has incensed many residents because it is felt that he had very little to do with the installation of the barriers, and actually local Conservative Councillor Dave Smith did all the hard work, including sitting down with engineers and running through plans in detail, and getting confirmation of proposed works in August of last year. It was Dave who went out in the pouring rain to get a petition signed by residents, or kept them informed with updates printed out on a home computer, and it was Dave who organised resident meetings with the appropriate officials. A number of residents gave us their copy of the MP's letter because they didn't want to keep it...and as for Dave, he is spitting blood!!! I am not sure what the MP was trying to achieve but it appears to have backfired somewhat and maybe it is worth remembering that people don't like it when others take credit for something they didn't do. It is often better to recognise the work everyone did than glory hunt for one's own gain. Dave will calm down, but Greenacre residents won't forget the hard work he put in to ensure that the noise barriers were erected and the trees were replaced.

After canvassing I was delighted to hot foot it up to London to meet my little sister who today travelled up from Lenham to a ceremony to recognise her "outstanding" achievement as a childminder. Only 5% of all early year's provision is considered "outstanding" by Ofsted and so I am feeling really proud of her. She had her photo taken with the Chief Inspector and got a bag of goodies. Hopefully she'll retain her "outstanding" status at her next inspection but in the meantime she gets to celebrate her achievement with a lapel pin, certificate, and mug...


Anonymous said...

I'm just wondering if the fella that said he was a 'true red' wasn't actually a Labour supporter, but a Man Utd fan who was happening to be watching the Fulham game when you called ;-)

Alan Douglas said...


If the truth be told, the MP was right. Don't you realise that this whole noise campaign was micro-managed from Nr 10 itself ? Shame on you.

Alan Douglas

John M Ward said...

I've done that "I've found one!" bit myself, because Labour supporters are now so rare. Just as with the last generation, so the current generation is finally learning the same lesson I and my contemporaries did thirty years ago.

As for the local MP's actions: yes, this is nothing new. I have spoken to people who were photo-op'ed with him for the local papers, who said he effectively gatecrashed their event (e.g. opening a new facility) having somehow heard it was happening.

It was done just to get into the local newspapers despite having had little or no involvement in the project.

He seems to have made something of a career out this over the years, and it all becomes rather obvious after a while.

Spread the word further afield about this instance: it'll help get opportunistic Labour MPs around these parts replaced by Conservatives at the next election.

J.Briggs said...

I think you will find that is quite a bigoted statement you make regarding the Labour party supporter. He has his beliefs as you yourself clearly do. As the voting has proved, the conservative party still have a lot to prove to the public and are far from being the chosen party to lead Britain into a new era.

Keep on trying for the party, try telling the truth and perhaps try and improve yourself too, it could be very useful and make all the difference especially if you wish to change the views of the TRUE RED's you ridicule.