Saturday, 28 March 2009

The curse of Blue Bell Hill!

Every time we plan to canvass Blue Bell Hill there is inclement weather! Previously we've had snow and ice, strong winds and one time the sun was so strong that I got burnt to a crisp. So I could have predicted rain and cold wind for today just by looking at the campaign diary. Nevertheless we all turned up on time at the meeting place and started our canvass session with genuine enthusiasm. But I was standing under the porch of the first door I knocked on having a very nice chat about the dreadful state of the world, when the heavens opened and my campaign manager came bounding up the driveway to tell me the troops were revolting (cue Morecombe & Wise joke...). Less than 10 minutes into the canvass we packed it in and headed for Mickey's Diner for a fry up and a mug of hot coffee.

I am not complaining mind - the only door I knocked on pledged 3 votes (100% return) and I spent the rest of the morning eating poached eggs on toast and having a good old chin wag with the team. The sun came out long enough for me to deliver some letters in Larkfield and then we called it quits. Short but sweet.

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John M Ward said...

Over here, a team of us were out litter-picking on one of our regular community clean-up sessions.

We are if anything even more exposed this close to the summit of Blue Bell Hill, especially those of us (like me) who were working right next to the Rochester Airport fence. There's no shelter anywhere around there!

We did a good job, and it is good to hear that at least you made the effort.

As for Morecambe and Wise: well, using the jaws of my litter-picker as a kind of puppet, I said to the Warden who had supplied the kit: "What do you think of it so far?" "Rubbish!" said the litter-picker's jaw…