Friday, 13 March 2009

Aylesford Youth Club is officially opened

Last night I attended the official opening of the new Aylesford Youth Club in the Capel Morris Centre. It was very exciting to see the outcome of the hard work of all those involved in ensuring that the Club could use the centre in the Royal British Legion Village and enabling the local youth to have a bigger facility for them to use.

Edwin Boorman and Parish Chairman Joyce Gadd made two short speeches which were well received by adults and teenagers alike before the fun and games really could begin. Talking to some of the volunteers - there are an impressive 19 in total - it was quite evident that for them the opening was an emotional end to a long campaign but that they still had many plans for the future. And the great thing is that the teenagers are very much involved in the development and future of the club. I was most amused to see on the list of things the youngsters wanted organised including diving with sharks! Not sure that's going to happen at Mote Park just yet...

I was delighted to have been invited by both youth members of the committee and the Parish Council and am really pleased I went. I would definitely like to see more youth clubs in other parts of the constituency. I was, however, itching to have a go on the table tennis, as was Edwin, but sadly it would have involved kicking off one of the youngsters - and that kind of defeats the object of the club!!

After spending an hour or so at the Club, I headed up to my association's AGM in Lordswood and was delighted to welcome local MEP Richard Ashworth to the meeting. It was interesting talking to some of the activists after the meeting ended and hearing what their friends and neighbours are saying about the Government and in particular Gordon Brown. He is clearly being viewed now as an uninspiring and unelected prime minister who has sailed Britain down a creek without a paddle. Definitely time for a change.


John M Ward said...

Well done! I have had what might be called "difficulties" keeping Youth Clubs open in my own area, though always prevailing in the end, so I do have something of a feel for how significant such matters are. We now have two in this ward that I once represented.

If yours can be kept going, that will be a true achievement. I genuinely and sincerely wish it well.

Anonymous said...

i go to the youth club and i think its really fun , i go with sevral of my m8s and we have a great laugh - im really happy that its been open !