Sunday, 1 February 2009

Burham Quiz Night

We took a day off from canvassing yesterday which was great because not only did I have a load of new house bits and bobs to organise but I had some constituent casework to follow up. However last night I managed to down tools and head to Burham for the Conservative branch quiz night in the Old School Community Centre and although we arrived late after picking my friend Lucy up, we somehow managed to win! Now all those who are actively involved in politics reading this will know that this is a major faux pas. Although I am duty bound to turn up, pay my entrance fee, buy £5 worth of raffle tickets and say a few words of thanks at the end, under no circumstances should I win the quiz.
I am slightly scratching my head as to how we won - not only did we completely muck up our joker (double points) round of sport - but we didn't fare too well on the Family Fortunes round either (who'd have thunk that the top 4 answer to "name something other than fish and chips that you can buy in a fish and chip shop" isn't a sausage!!!).
Anyway I gracefully accepted the top prize of 6 bottles of wine on behalf of my team and then to their horror donated all 6 to the raffle (which I can't win either). It was a great evening which was well organised and expertly compered by Cllr Roger Dalton and it raised some valuable funds for the campaign.

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Anonymous said...

Ah - don't be so coy. I'm sure if you'd run out the front door, punching the air and singing "We Are The Champions" - no one would have minded.