Saturday, 10 January 2009

Freezing in Larkfield

When I got into my car this morning it said it was -3 on the temperature gauge, it took me 5 minutes to scrap the ice off my car and then it started to snow. So I was slightly nervous about how many people would turn out this morning for a campaign session in Larkfield. I need not have worried - we had 7 and as a result we managed to cover a huge area. As always I thoroughly enjoyed our morning canvass and got to meet lots of really interesting people, and whilst the conversations were understandably shorter due to the cold, the reception was very warm. Many were aware of David Cameron's forthcoming visit and some are attending so am looking forward to seeing them again.

Despite wearing 5 layers (vest, shirt, jumper, suit jacket, overcoat), scarf, gloves and furry lined boots I and the team were forced to retire after two hours, just before frost bite set in, and headed off to a warm pub for lunch. Two cups of coffee and a ham, egg and chips later I finally began to feel the ends of my fingers but the morning spent in the cold was definitely worth it.

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