Thursday, 18 December 2008

My Dartford campaign is mentioned in Parliament!

Yesterday, the Hornchurch MP James Brokenshire held a debate in the House of Commons on the Dartford Crossing charges, during which he mentioned my campaign to scrap the stealth tax to cross the Thames.

This is a huge step forward in my campaign to represent the concerns of residents in Chatham & Aylesford at Westminster. I'd like to thank James Brokenshire for raising this important part of the debate.


John M Ward said...

Oh, James — yes, he's a good fellow. He even helped out here in Medway during last year's local election campaign, and I chatted to him for a while during our work on the streets of Strood. I was suitably impressed!

Anonymous said...

I am really pleased to see all your hard work for the area is recognised. Well done Tracey and keep up the good work.