Saturday, 15 November 2008

Out in Ditton

This morning I joined County Council Candidate Peter Homewood and others for an enjoyable canvass in Ditton. I had canvassed the same area myself last year during the local elections so was pleased to hear about some of the improvements with anti-social behaviour thanks to the hard work of the local warden, the community officers and the council - but also the residents themselves who have come together to take responsibility for some of the issues in their specific streets.

Although pretty groggy from a heavy cold I was really interested in hearing what people on the doorsteps had to say about the national political scene. If you believe everything you read in the papers or watch on TV it appears that Gordon Brown is universally considered the world's economic saviour. Well clearly the people of Ditton haven't been asked what they think.

I spoke to a number of people who said that whatever happens they "won't be voting Labour again" and another who said "you work hard, you try to bring up a family, and all you get is grief".

Clearly the credit crunch is beginning to hit hard but most recognised that there is still worse to come. Let's hope the Government is listening and that they use the forthcoming Pre-Budget Report to help hard hit families, like those in Ditton, through the tough times ahead.

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