Saturday, 4 October 2008

Mandelson - "It's criminal"

We spent our second Saturday in a row in Larkfield but after yesterday's Government reshuffle I decided to ask everyone I spoke to on the doorsteps what they thought of Peter Mandelson's return to Gordon Brown's Cabinet. I have heard lots from the political commentators so it was time to hear what the general public thought. The response was mixed - although none were positive. They were mostly apathetic, "not interested", "this lot are a busted flush"; or they were totally horrified "It's criminal" said one, "how can a man who has been thrown out twice be put back in a position of power" said another, "dreadful mistake for Brown" offered one chap, and finally one said quite sadly "I have been Labour all my life and now I feel that [Brown] has run out of ideas and bringing back Mandy says it all really...I won't vote next time".

I am glad I kept asking the question - from a Westminster bubble perspective, Mandelson's appointment is interesting but the public were not moved at all by his return so maybe it is a gesture that is too little too late for Gordon Brown.

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Falco said...

I don't think that Mandy's return is meant to signal anything to the public. The value of bringing the "Prince of Darkness" back is that however much they hate him, Labour MPs will feel more confident for having him on board.