Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Buckmore Park

Before heading of to the meeting in Aylesford I was extremely disappointed to learn that the owners of Buckmore Park, Avondale South East Ltd, have gone into administration. The sports complex cost over £15m when it was first built and has had several million pounds of lottery funding in order to help it open but was forced to close in 2003.

It is such a shame because the site is fantastic and with over 230 acres and with close links to the M2 and M20 could easily have been used for the London Olympics. However it has thus far been overlooked and now its future is in doubt. Thankfully both the Scouts and the Kart Track have existing leases which enable them to continue to operate.

My worry is that the site will be sold to housing developers and yet again another of our last remaining green spaces will be fast-tracked into helping deliver the extra 3 million homes this Government wants to build. I sincerely hope that this is not the case and that a buyer can be found who is willing to use the site as a means of providing sporting facilities for local residents.

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Teresa said...

Now that your party is in government, what can you do to ensure this facility is reopened for use by the people of Rochester?