Sunday, 17 August 2008

Saving Capstone Valley - 12 months later!

Once again, local Conservatives organised a stall at the annual Kites over Capstone weekend to raise awareness of the application to build 9,000 houses in the valley and to collect signatures on our petition to save the valley for future generations.

Nearly 15,000 residents have now signed the petition and the determination to save one of Medway's remaining open spaces is as strong as ever.

Last year the day was a complete wash-out with torrential rain leading to the cancellation of activities...

This year, however, the sun shone and over 1,000 additional names were added to the petition.
My thanks go to local councillors David Wildey (who co-ordinated the weekend's campaign) along with Alan Jarrett, Pat Gulvin, David Brake, Matt Bright, Adrian Gulvin and Denise Wildey who assisted on the stall.
You can still sign the online version of the petition HERE

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