Sunday, 27 July 2008

Saluting the Green Flag

Yesterday I went to Leybourne Lakes to watch the raising of the Green Flag, which had been awarded to the Lakes for the second year running. The Green Flag, the park equivalent to the Blue Flag, is a prestigious award and is by all accounts quite difficult to achieve. There are 11 Green Flags in the whole of the South East and Tonbridge & Malling have been awarded 2 so they were rightly feeling quite proud of themselves yesterday. Some of the volunteers in the park hoisted the Green Flag before we all gave Daniel, the park manager, a round of applause for his achievement.

After the Green Flag ceremony I joined my campaign manager and others in Larkfield to deliver my latest survey. After my recent sun burning I sensibly applied sun cream at every possible campaign manager was not so clever and is nursing burnt arms today!
I then spent the rest of the afternoon with my family in celebration of my 33rd birthday earlier on in the week. My nephews and neice bought me the new Tottenham shirt so in return I took them to watch Kung Fu Panda, which really was meant as a treat for them...honest! (It was brilliant!!!!)

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