Saturday, 5 July 2008

An afternoon with Ann

It has been a very long day. My under 1o girls were in a football tournament at Vintners Park this morning starting at 8.30am. Sadly because of prior commitments I could only watch their first two games (won one, lost one) before dashing off in my suit - I looked very fetching on the sideline! - to Larkfield for a meeting.

After a quick cup of coffee in Sainsbury's cafe with my President, I headed up to Kits Coty for an afternoon tea with Maidstone MP Ann Widdecombe. It was great that she could come and as I stood in front of the gathered guests I felt proud that at (hopefully) the start of my Parliamentary career I was able to thank a formidable and much admired neighbouring politician at the end of hers. Ann is a politician who has become popular, well-liked and trusted. Even my mum likes her and if I can capture half Ann's energy and enthusiasm then I'll be doing OK.

I spent a long time talking to a variety of people including a now retired GP about the issues he faces as a doctor and how difficult it is to practice, whether you are a GP, a doctor or a nurse, with so many managers trying to run the NHS. A point that was being made by one of the doctors at the Medway Maritime today, as the NHS celebrated its 60th anniversary. After the tea finished I had to go to Lordswood for another meeting before calling it a day.

I was very sad to have missed the Veterans Day in Chatham, but I was listening to the news reports on Radio Kent and was pleased that it appeared to have gone very well.

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