Saturday, 14 June 2008

A Wild West Village Fete

Have just got back from a busy day out and about which started off in Lordswood this morning to help deliver my latest newspaper followed by a meeting with residents in Luton over car parking issues. Then this afternoon, I headed over to Blue Bell Hill for their summer fete which this year was on a Wild West theme. Unfortunately, as the vicar explained, their PR operation hadn't really kicked in so the only people who knew it was Wild West were the Committee! Still the huge cowboy straddling the entrance to the church, surveying the village green, looked fabulous. No village fete would be complete without a local dance troupe and thankfully the sun was out so the morris dancers and the modern dancers entertained villagers for most of the afternoon with some wonderful performances. I bought some locally produced apple juice and honey and wandered around in the sun with Blue Bell Hill Councillor Peter Homewood happy that the village festival season is finally here - summer has arrived!!

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