Friday, 13 June 2008

Michael Howard's Silver Anniversary

Tonight I drove down to Folkestone to celebrate Michael Howard's 25 years as an MP. I grew up with Michael as my MP and he should be credited for getting me actively involved in politics. I spent many happy years involved in his association and working in and on his election campaigns so I enjoyed returning to Folkestone this evening to see so many familiar faces and old friends. I think it is testament to Michael's achievements that there were video recordings from all 5 Leaders of the Party he has served as an MP under - Mrs Thatcher, John Major, William Hague, Iain Duncan Smith and of course David Cameron, who like me has worked for Michael and knows him well. I felt privileged to be invited to his surprise party but sad that Parliament, along with the electorate of Folkestone & Hythe, is losing such a hard working MP.

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John M Ward said...

Michael was (and is) an often underestimated fellow. I was first impressed by him when he appeared on the BBC's "Watchdog" programme a number of years ago. Of course he had been well-briefed, but anything could have come up during the programme and he handled it all with knowledge, assurance and commitment.

You know, there are those who claim that I resemble him, and someone in Kent produced THIS image that tends to suggest that those folks might have something...