Sunday, 8 June 2008

Joining the Church

After spending the morning delivering newspapers, I joined Blue Bell Hill Councillors Allan and Peter in a community litter pick organised by the vicar of St Albans Church The Rev Phil Wootton. A number of parishioners and local residents turned up and were kitted out by Bev from Tonbridge & Malling Council in high visibility jackets and gloves, and after photos and a short prayer of thanks, off we went around the village armed with litter pickers and green bags. We were only out for an hour but still managed to fill half a dozen bags which is quite shocking. The funniest moment of the afternoon was when two bare torsoed lads in a suped up car pulled over and asked very politely (even saying please!) if they could put their beer can in the bin - the driver was at pains to point out that it wasn't his - before speeding off into the distance giggling to themselves. I didn't care - at least I didn't have to go and pick it up of the path with my litter pickers, which incidentally had a crocodile painted on them!! And after an hour of hard work in the hot sun I think it is now time for a long cool drink.

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