Friday, 13 June 2008

Is the Lisbon Treaty dead?

After the Irish voted "no" in their referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, one would be forgiven for celebrating this evening thinking that the EU Constitution was dead. Except I just heard an interview with a French politician on the World Tonight which makes me wonder whether the Irish vote will simply be ignored and the Treaty, in some other form, will just be pushed through. UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband has already said that the Labour Government will push ahead with ratification, despite not asking the public what they think in a referendum as promised in their manifesto.

The EU rules clearly state that the Treaty has to be ratified by all 27 countries, but I get this sense that after the result today the goal posts have just been moved. Put the champagne on ice...this is not over yet.


John M Ward said...

You are completely correct in this: the agenda is that the EU Socialist Superstate must go ahead at all costs.

The main reason we were denied the referendum here in Britain was because is seemed likely to be a No vote, and the Ireland referendum has been an embarrassment but one for which the EU commissars had already planned.

They'll find a way to press ahead regardless of the rules. If the Treaty is ratified by Britain and implemented, and if we can't find a way to repeal it after a change of government, then we might end up in the position of having no option but to pull out of the EU altogether if we want our nation to survive as such.

John M Ward said...

I'd agree entirely with your assessment. The EU machine will find a way to bypass its own rules (if necessary by changing them as an emergency measure) and proceed with its own agenda, regardless of what anyone involved wants or thinks.

That is the typical Socialist dictatorship ways of conducting itself; and as has been widely discussed the EU is in reality trying to become a dictatorial Socialist Superstate.