Saturday, 28 June 2008

Fete Day!

This weekend I have one of my oldest school friends Chloe, and her new husband Martin, are staying with me whilst they are on holiday from New Zealand. Chloe emigrated about 8 years ago and this is her first trip back to the UK for sometime. So how better to reintroduce her to English life than by taking her to the Aylesford village festival to watch Morris and belly dancing, eat a hamburger prepared by the local scouts, and hook a duck from a swimming pool to win a bow and arrow. Thankfully, and unlike last year, the weather was glorious so an amble stroll around the festival, looking at the Kent produce for sale wasn't too much like hard work for my visitors from the southern hemisphere!

After Aylesford we headed up to Lordswood for the Community Fete at the Kestrel Avenue shopping centre, which was smaller but well attended. When I left the local youth worker Andy was painting a huge mural with some youngsters from the estate to hang on the outside of the youth club - it was looking good and can't wait to see it up.

As the offical national day of Fetes draws to a close, I am now back indoors giving my friends the attention they deserve - especially as they are on their honeymoon...!

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John M Ward said...

Some years ago, I followed a couple of Teams ("Sides") of Morris men, and would record their performances on sound tape, before joining them in (or, just as likely, outside) the local pub.

Those were great times, back in the 'eighties, and I felt very English at such events.

Aylesford is certainly the kind of place to have such performances, and I am very pleased that you were able to witness this excellent English traditional activity.