Saturday, 17 May 2008

Wet Wouldham

Hurrah for the girl guides of Wouldham. Despite the pouring rain and cold wind, I drove into the car park at Wouldham Rec to be greeted by over 20 children, many of whom were from Wouldham Girl Guides, dressed in High Visibility jackets and armed with litter pickers and it cheered me up immensely. Off we went in our wellies, pac-a-mac's, bin bags, pickers and heavy duty gloves and given the army of helpers I reckon as a team we covered most of the village. I headed off with Cllr Roger Dalton and two Guides - Nicola and Rebecca - and tramped our way up and down school lane picking up discarded rubbish from people too lazy and too selfish to both taking it home with them. By the end of the session we all regrouped back at the Rec and were quite horrified to see how much we'd picked up! Everyone got totally soaked but for the Guides it was hopefully worth it because it goes towards their Challenge Badge. I hope the village residents see the difference next time they go out but in the meantime I am on my fourth cup of tea trying to warm up brrrrr.

ps - There were photos taken but I look a right wally in my purple hooded pac-a-mac so I am not posting them!! But if any parents want a copy please email me at

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