Sunday, 13 April 2008

And there endeth the season

This morning Meridian Under 10 Girls played their last game of the season - and lost 3 nil. It is a score line that wasn't really deserved but that's football for you! This was the girls' first season in the Kent league and they have really improved over the course of the season. At the beginning we often watched a classic game of kids' football with all the out field players swarming towards the ball but as the season progressed we have seen some excellent passing, superb movement on and off the ball, and some fine shots on goal as well as saves from the keeper. Our results haven't always been great but ultimately at the end of the day the girls have enjoyed themselves and felt some sense of achievement at the end of a game.

I have really enjoyed my first season as a coach and I think I have learned as much as the girls. When you do your FA Coaching badge you learn all the drills with fellow hopeful coaches. So it is only when you put it into practise that you realise how hard it is to keep the attention of 12 young girls, or explain what you want them to do so they understand it...but when it works and you see it happen on the pitch it feels amazing.

I am too old to play now, and don't get time anymore to go to White Hart Lane, so for me the coaching is my one remaining life line into the game. And more importantly it is a welcome relief from work and campaign - and often my only break from both for weeks on end. Well done girls for all your hard work this season, and for keeping me sane! Next season is ours...

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