Friday, 28 March 2008

A school truly at the heart of its community

I was really impressed by what I saw in Aylesford today - two generations at different ends of the spectrum bonding over a fish and chip lunch.

Aylesford School, a specialist Sports College, invited pensioners from the Royal British Legion Village to come and have lunch with some of its pupils. Not only was it a brilliant idea which will no doubt help bridge the barriers between young and old, but it totally demonstrated how the school is genuinely at the heart of the Aylesford community.

The pupils I spoke to were incredibly bright and not at all shy to talk to the pensioners that were bussed over for lunch. And the pensioners loved getting out of the Village for a few hours.

I spoke to one Legion resident who had been at the school herself in the 1930s and was telling the children, who listened with their mouths open, that where the houses are around the school were once all fields. She had walked to school along hedgerows and, despite Kent facing regular air-raids, had stayed in Aylesford and at the school during the war. Mind you given the millions of pounds spent on rebuilding the school recently as part of its specialist status, I think it is fair to say that it has changed quite substantially since her day!!

The Headmaster told me he wants to do more initiatives like this - I hope he does - today's lunch was a fantastic idea.

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Anonymous said...

A few years ago as a late-twenties Round Tabler we went across to France for a jolly. The local Mayor (a Tabler himself) took our visit more seriously than we did and organised a big civic dinner at the Town Hall. I found myself sitting next to an old Frenchman who had escaped to England and flown a Hurricane during the Battle of Britain.

I haven't laughed as much or cried as much within the space of a few hours at any other time over his stories.

You are right - in these dark times when we seem to be losing an understanding between young and old, initiatives such as this one are brilliant.

Congratulations to the Headmaster.