Friday, 14 March 2008

A new Conservative Councillor in Snodland

Yesterday Luke Baldock was elected to serve as a Conservative Councillor on Snodland Town Council. Up until recently Snodland was one of Labour's safest areas but following the local elections last May, the area now has 5 Borough Councillors and a Conservative controlled Town Council. Luke's victory yesterday demonstrates even further how fed up local people are with Labour. Ironically, this election need never have happened. As I have previously written on this blog, since it was a Town Council by-election, the Conservative administration were very happy to follow usual practice and co-opt a Councillor but a Labour Councillor insisted on an election at the expense of local taxpayers. This result is therefore the right result. Luke will make an excellent Councillor and I am looking forward to working with him in the future.


John M Ward said...

Good result -- shame about the cost!

Anonymous said...

This is a big blow to Labour and to Jonathan Shaw who lives in Snodland and has taken our support for granted for too long.

Snodland East is the safest Labour area in the area. It has been Labour stronghold for 40 years. Labour threw everything at this campaign. If they cannot win here it shows just how much trouble they are in. With a year to go before the General Election I think the writing is on the wall for Labour.

Millermaller said...

I want to know what you propose to do to deal with bullying in school and the procedures teachers are taught to follow that don't work in every day life!!!!