Thursday, 27 March 2008

My 200th Post: A moral dilemma

To celebrate my 200th post on this blog, I thought I would highlight the moral dilemma that the MP John Redwood faced recently, which he wrote about on his blog. He was offered a used car parking ticket which still had time on it, which is apparently in breach of car parking regulations - should he a) accept it b) lie and say he needed more than an hour or c) politely turn it down explaining why?

I didn't know that giving someone else your parking ticket with time left on it was not allowed and I personally always do it believing it to be an act of kindness. It seems like general acts of kindness happen less and less these days so it makes me really sad that something as simple as handing over your car parking ticket has also been outlawed.


Anonymous said...

Here is my answer (God bless "cut and paste") that I posted of John Redwood's blog when he originally asked the question...

When I buy parking time I consider that I own those minutes as much as I own a bunch of bananas that I have just bought from the greengrocer or the socks I have bought from M&S.

Therefore, as a matter of principle, I will always give away my unused parking minutes just as I always give away my travelcard we I have completed my journey.

I would like to think that in your position I would have done the same and, if I was exposed, stand firm for the principle. However, I accept that those who make the law cannot be seen to break it, although I suspect the 80% of your constituents who drive cars (and pay exhorbitant charges to park on land they already own and maintain though their local taxes) who be cheering you every inch of the way.

Anonymous said...

It's all revenue raising what ever you do. By denying the car park owner the income from "double-charging" you are simply pushing the burden onto others. If this was a Council car park, then it simply means the Council is forced to recoup the lost (budgeted) revenue from the Council tax payer. Not much of a moral dilemma, unless you believe in wealth redistribution.