Friday, 14 March 2008


I have pretty eclectic taste in music and have a huge CD and vinyl collection (the latter thanks mostly to my dad) ranging from classic rock through to modern day pop, all of which sits alongside a respectable amount of classical music and opera. And I believe that the UK has the most amazing musical talent in the world. I have no idea how much music we as a nation export but I am pretty sure it is more than we import - something we should be really proud of. However lately I haven't really been that excited about what's "out there". Nothing really caught me by surprise and made me want to immediately buy the album and play it to death a la David Gray's White Ladder, The Stone Roses' Stone Roses, Thirteen Senses' The Invitation or even James Blunt's Back to Bedlum. Well that was until now. I bought Duffy's debut album and it is amazing. Her voice is gorgeous and her singing Dusty Springfield style. I could listen to it on repeat over and over again. I hope she makes it to Radio 1's Big Day Out in May at Mote Park - and I hope I haven't played the album to death by then...

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