Sunday, 2 March 2008

A cleaner Kent

Yesterday I turned up to support an excellent joint initiative being run by Tonbridge & Malling Council, Medway Council, Maidstone Council and Friends of Taddington Valley to clean up litter in around Walderslade. It was great to see members of the public, who had been leafleted about the event, turn up to help alongside council officials, the local PCSO and others. They provided all the heavy duty gloves, the high visability jackets, and litter pickers and all I needed to do was put on my wellies and start filling my black sack. I helped Bev clear up around Tunbury Primary School and together we cut back all the brambles along the Walking Bus route and filled several bags with crisp packets and sweet wrappers. A couple of hours later with a cup of tea and a jaffa cake in hand we stood back exhausted but able to admire our handiwork - it looked fabulous and hopefully others will notice the difference.

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Anonymous said...

Its a shame you have to spoil it by putting your latest conservative magazine under the wind screen wipers of all the cars in my road 'Oakleigh Close' way to go if you want more litter. Please ensure you post in letterboxes next time, at least then most people will recycle in green bins rather than littering the pavements. What if it had rained on that day? and how do you know whos cars they are?
On another note as a former printer do you think full colour newspapers are going to impress? and as a degree student the survey is well below standard you will be able to draw many conculsions from that data its so random what were you thinking?
Sorry but I felt I needed to be annoymous because I'm a lapsed floating non-voter