Thursday, 7 February 2008

More Money for Good Causes

The Conservative Party has today published proposals to "end political interference" in the way lottery funds are distributed to good causes.

The National Lottery was established by John Major's Government to support non-core areas of government expenditure that are none the less vital for the quality of the nation’s life. Since its establishment the Lottery has raised over £20bn for good causes that would not otherwise have received funding. However, since 1998 the Labour Government has diverted £3.8bn away from the good causes and into areas of Government responsibility.

The reforms could release an additional £182m per year for good causes which could pay for:
*74 swimming pools (25m) OR
*173 athletic tracks (6 lane) OR
*3000 grass football pitches OR
*53 regional theatres OR
*The urgent repair bills for all cathedrals OR
*The urgent repair bills for the 16 most at risk historic houses OR
*Restoring the funding to organisations under threat from Arts Council cuts.

As I rarely win a bean, I would prefer to see any of the above make good use of the profit from my lottery tickets!


John M Ward said...

This would be good. The Labour Government has repeatedly denied it has interfered in lottery fund uses, but we know of specific examples where this was in fact being done.

Most notably (as it was covered in the local media, so readers here might already be familiar with it) was the withdrawal of funding to the Sunlight Centre in Gillingham, which threatened services there.

Interestingly, Gordon Brown visited the Centre for party political purposes last year, but didn't mention this and refused to take questions from the media. I wrote about this HERE.

Anonymous said...

The Lottery.....the odds of applying for and getting lottery funds for a good cause is the same odds as finding a winning ticket.

We applied for funds to build a Christian Theme Park in the North chance. And they give no reason. It seems the lottery funds end up south of Watford.

Den Rodenko Trustee