Thursday, 7 February 2008

Local Authority Ratings

The Audit Commission has today published its star ratings for both Kent County Council and Medway Council. The Commission assesses the performance of authorities and the services that they provide for local people, rates them accordingly which in turn enables authorities to implement improvement programmes where necessary.

Kent was rated four star overall and Medway was rated three star. The full reports can be found HERE and HERE.

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John M Ward said...

Thanks for the links, Tracey.

The only significant reason why Medway isn't rated at four stars is that we have been consistently and seriously underfunded by central Government for years (currently to the tune of around $25 million p.a.) so that we are very thinly stretched in a number of areas.

What we are achieving is little short of miraculous, bearing in mind the tasks we are required to do and the severely limited resources available -- but we do it, year in and year out, still with the lowest Council Tax in Kent by a good margin, too.