Saturday, 2 February 2008

Leaving the UK

I went out with colleagues in Snodland this morning and I was sad to come across 2 people who wanted to leave the UK because they were "fed up with everything". What disappoints me most is that this not the first time I have heard this on the doorsteps. People are becoming increasingly disillusioned with this Government and what was said to me this morning, and indeed before, is that they've worked hard, paid their taxes and feel that they get nothing in return. Two other people said to me today that they feel that the Government are completely bullied by Brussels and "unlike the French never stand up to Europe" and one of the chaps who said he was going to leave said the final straw came when he heard the patriotism was no longer going to be taught in schools any more. I sympathise with them. This Government is weak. It capitulates to Brussels all the time and we never say no to anything. I can understand why people are so fed up but I hope that they are still around at the next election so they can hit the Government where it really hurts - at the polling station.


Anonymous said...

I am in my early 30's and left the UK in despair 5 years ago. Before that I was a Borough Council Candidate twice and County Council Candidate for us once (in undergraduate show-us-you-are-keen unwinnable wards. My Agent was stunned when I came within a tight recount of the CC one though: it wasn't even our radar as a target).

All of those celebrities who said they would leave if Bliar got in but didn't? Well I am just a humble IT manager but I was true to my word.

My old constituency will get my overseas vote for as long as it is valid. With a majority of 5,000ish we should be pretty safe but I'm taking no chances of letting those ZanuLabour quislings back in.

My old MP has a cast iron guarantee that I'm going to fly back and pound pavements for him at the next election, but as to moving back to the me a good Tory government with good conservative principles first.

I'm confident that DC will deliver and you are going to be part of it.

Anonymous said...

There is one redeeming factor in the Labour government bringing the country down, forcing ever more political correctness on us, and turning the country into one to be ashamed of. After all, I have always hated the Labour Party and all it has stood for and at least what is happening proves me to have been right all along about them.
What I can't stand is Cameron's acceptance of it all. He (a) is as PC as they are, (b) doesn't care or (c) accepts it all because he thinks that's how he will get elected.
And what is even worse is that he was elected by the members of the party, many of whom would be as appalled by him as I am, were they not only interested in power too.

I (who am just one year older than Cameron) resigned from the party after 20+ years, most of them holding positions of authority and one term as a councillor. Anonymous must live abroad if he things a government led by Cameron is going to have "good Conservative principles"