Friday, 8 February 2008

Labour Wasting £3000 in Snodland

On Thursday 13th March there will be a local by-election for Snodland Town Council for the first time in over 20 years! This is because for as long as anyone can remember, whenever a Town Councillor resigned, a replacement councillor has been “co-opted”. Such a system was fast, efficient and economical.

When Labour were in control of the Town Council, Conservatives always put party politics aside and agreed to co-opt whichever applicant was best qualified, even if this meant supporting someone from another political party.

However following the recent resignation of a Labour Councillor, and despite other members of the Council wishing to co-opt a suitable replacement, a Labour activist wrote formally to the Borough Council demanding a by-election - the total cost of which will be over £3000.

Every penny of this will by paid for by Snodland residents and would have been completely unnecessary if previous practices had been adopted. This money would undoubtedly have be better spent on cleaning up litter or impoving local services and community facilities.

Of course this is not the first time residents have had to pay for a poll or indeed the first time I have written about Labour wasting Snodland residents' money. Just before Christmas Labour organised a Town Poll on Parking Charges. 93% of residents did not bother to vote but it still cost the Town Council £2000. Again – money that would be better spent on loal services.

The Town Council is not the place for Party Politics. It should just be about doing what is right for Snodland and best for local people. Unfortunately it appears not everyone agrees.


Anonymous said...

I am disappointed and dismayed that despite continually having Snodland Labour Party manifestos placed through my letter box stating that they are fighting for the good of Snodland and its residents they still see fit to waste money gained from residents Council Tax on worthless polls. The first poll on the issue of car parking charges was a wasted exercise. The Snodland Labour Party placed out leaflets assuring the residents of Snodland that car parking charges were being voted on and introduced the following Wednesday - this was now almost four months ago. Then, even after being told that a full public consultation was to take place this year at no cost to the Town Council they still went ahead and demanded a Town Poll at a cost to the local tax payer.
Now the call for a full By-Election called for by the Snodland Labour Party again at a cost to the Snodland Council Tax-payer. Surely, if they are truley putting the people of Snodland first then none of this would have been done. They seem to be playing party politics and using the people of Snodland as pawns in what is turning out to be a very expensive game. Will they have the audacity in the future to call the Town Council to blame should they need to put Council Tax up? Is it not time that they started to act like the experienced campiagners fighting for the good of Snodland that they claim to be - it does all seem to be getting a little childish on their part.
Now they are putting an 'experienced' former Councillor up as a candidate who again claims he is fighting for the good of Snodland and has always had an interest in local Snodland issues yet according to the minutes of all of the Town Council meetings held since the last election the recent Amenities and Recreation meeting was the first one he has bothered to turn up to.
So, a message to the Snodland Labour Party - please stop wasting my hard earned money, I would much rather see it going to a project or scheme that benefits the people of Snodland, and please stop using the people of Snodland to play your party politics - as Tracey says, there really is no place for it at Town Council level, everyone should really just be doing what is best for the people of the town.

Anonymous said...

Why not publish the name of the counciller who caused this waste of money so that on the next election we can show what we think of that person