Sunday, 24 February 2008

A jam packed weekend

Phew! What a jam packed weekend.

It started in Snodland with more canvassing in the town council by-election. I met some really interesting people on the doorstep including a new couple who had just moved into the area and were very impressed to see the Conservatives out on a Saturday morning, and a farmer who was, to say the least, less than impressed with the farming minister! After which I headed over to Wouldham for a quick meeting with a resident before going up to Burham to help with the delivery of my latest newsletter. A spot of lunch in Eccles and then up to the office for another meeting. Down to my sister's to handover some t-shirts for the kids from Madrid (my niece's looked lovely over her flashing tinkerbell dress!!!) before jumping back in the car to Rainham Mark Social Club for a disco in celebration of Meridian Girls Football Club receiving the Charter Standard, the highest award for a grassroot football club. The music was too loud and the girls too cool so I wimped out early and read all the newspapers - it was good to see that the Telegraph has reported what we all knew: alcohol-related crime has risen.

Today I went to Sittingbourne to watch the girls lose, despite playing quite well at times - and given some were still at the disco until 11 they were surprisingly full of beans! Then back in the car and off to the pub to meet fellow Tottenham supporting friends for the Carling Cup Final (which I won't write about here because I won't be able to contain my happiness!).

Another busy, yet fulfilling weekend.

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John M Ward said...

Now there's something I've never tried: wearing my Team Crouch shirt over a flashing Tinkerbell dress...