Saturday, 16 February 2008

Chanting for Chatham Town

After a morning of canvassing in a cold but sunny Snodland, I headed up to Maidstone Road to watch Chatham Town FC take on Whyteleafe. I have never been to the club before so was thrilled to learn that they were established in the same year as my own beloved club Tottenham, and despite being in the Ryman League have won a few honours over the years. I was also pleased to meet Jeff, the Chairman of the Club, and Peter, the Secretary, and was given hot coffee and biscuits at half time - a very welcome treat given how cold it was. Sadly the result wasn't as good as the hospitality and the team lost 2 nil. But still it was an excellent display of local talent and I shall certainly be going to watch them again soon.


John M Ward said...

I know the place from having passed it many hundreds of times since moving here, but I have never been inside the place/ground (I am no football fan, so have had no reason to do so).

When I read this article, I had to think for a moment, owing to the rather convoluted "wraparound" constituency boundary. Thus the northern Chatham Central ward (in which the Club is situated) is now to be in the southern constituency of Chatham and Aylesford, whereas my ward (mostly to the south of most of Chatham Central) will move to the northern constituency of Rochester and Strood,

Strange decision, that...

Anonymous said...

I was one of the few visiting Whyteleafe supporters - having suffered some ignominious defeats of late our numbers were well down on the usual. Anyway, I was (unsurprisingly) delighted with the result.

I should like to mention one thing however. Chatham Town, much like ourselves, have a very attractive ground with lovely backdrop of fir trees. Such a shame it is them that the FA should insist that CTFC put up those hideous plastic and steel fences around the terrace at the bottom end of the ground.

This is supposed to be a step forward for the development of the ground? Is there a health and safety issue with having trees inside a non-league football ground?

I understand that CTFC were given no option but to do this and I wish the FA and their stadium policy people would come to their senses on some of their ground grading ideas. Frankly it's vandalism by the FA.