Sunday, 20 January 2008

Women and politics

Today I appeared on live television for the first time. Previously I have done pre-recorded TV which is fine because if you muck it up you just start again, but with live TV there are no second chances so it is hardly a surprise I was a little bit nervous!

I joined Paul Siegert on the Politics Show South East for a discussion about women in the Conservative Party, linking into the selection of Ann Widdecombe's replacement today. Paul is a really nice guy and totally put me at ease before the programme went live - he is a fellow Tottenham fan and also a former under 10 (boys) coach so was sympathising that I had missed my girls play this morning to go to the studio (a text arrived during the programme to say they lost 1-0 but played in the same way as the second half last week, so well done girls).

Despite having a dry throat and the start of a cold I think I did OK and got my points across that the Party has changed, there is more to be done but positive discrimination is not the best way to go forward. Women should be selected on merit, not because they are women. For the next seven days you can re-play the programme and judge for yourself HERE.


John M Ward said...

I caught you! Yes, the nerves showed a little, but with a bit of practice I should think you'll be all right.

I've done only pre-recorded interviews for Meridian myself, so am no expert on this!

Alan W Collins said...

As I said, yes I saw you - and although the nerves did show a tad, you managed it better than I ever could, so well done!

Nick R Thomas said...

Considering the cold and the fact that you had to deal with interruptions (unlike the other interviewee who was allowed to start with a very long, uninterrupted answer)I think it was a very good live TV debut.