Tuesday, 22 January 2008

We're on our way to Wembley

FIVE - ONE. Read it again. Tottenham FIVE; Arsenal ONE. And Spurs are on their way to Wembley. I wasn't at White Hart Lane but I was glued to my sofa...apart from when the Sky signal crashed and then I was glued to my kitchen radio. But oh my gosh what a game. The last time Spurs beat Arsenal so heavily was in 1983 - the season I started supporting them at the grand age of 8!
I am so pleased for the team and the supporters. Spurs fans have a tough ride - one minute we are great, the next we are rubbish. It is one emotional roller coaster ride being a Tottenham supporter but there is always one match a season which is talked about for a long time after - I reckon this one might be this season's game despite some recent corkers (eg Reading).
I am one happy bunny...and am now looking for a ticket to Wembley!


Anonymous said...

Tracey you must be quite at football tonight you know there is a lot of gooners in our club. You dont want the u10 to rebel and not play at there best for you.

Anonymous said...

Did Arsenal's coach break down and they arrived 10 minutes after the game started ?