Sunday, 13 January 2008

Unit 1 is open again

After months of hard work by parents and skaters, Unit 1, the excellent indoor skate park on the Rochester Industrial Estate has re-opened. Much of the work, which involved a large amount of complex legal negotiation, was done by two parents Kathy and Andy, although there are others who helped along the way including Blue Bell Hill & Walderslade Councillor Allan Sullivan.

I started to support the campaign after I heard the plea from a young skater to Medway Council to help, and met with both Kathy and Andy early on in their plight. As I have previously stated on this blog before, I am a huge fan of skate parks as they give skaters a single place to go rather than have them use the streets as their park. So today, I went along and watch an amazing number of talented skaters - boarders, rollerbladers and even scooters - exhibit their skills. I am absolutely thrilled that Unit 1 has re-opened and look forward to supporting it in order to ensure its future success.

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John M Ward said...

I am very pleased about this! Although the place is almost completely on the other side of my ward boundary, I have taken an interest and aided "behind the scenes" a bit here and there with the efforts to keep the place open.

We even introduced a "Skatebus" to ferry folk to and from Unit 1 from all around, but I do realise that it was a difficult project to keep viable. Even mhs couldn't do so, after taking it over from the original owners who had called it "DemonSk8" (I mention just in case anyone reading this remembers that name from a few years ago).

Meanwhile, and on the principle of not having all one's eggs in the one basket, I have also helped ensure the outdoor skatepark on Jackson's Fields was facilitated, part of which story I have written about HERE.

As you can tell from that article, nearby Labour members had their own agenda, which considerably delayed this project's completion (losing two summers' usage, in fact) though they tried to wriggle out of the hole they had dug for themselves...