Sunday, 13 January 2008

A second half victory

The girls had a tough match today but we all came away feeling really proud of them. We were 6 nil down at half time, and yet we were the ones going downhill! But even though the goals were going in there were moments of brilliance from our little ones which made us all feel good - a string of passes, some wonderful runs down the line, and some excellent charges into the box. As a coach you sit there and think "wow, the training is paying off!". At half time, we switched from a 2-2-2 to a 3-2-1 and begun the uphill battle - and would you believe it we scored twice after some remarkable running from defence, and excellent passing to our striker who hit the back of the net with ease. I think I jumped higher and yelled louder than at many of the nail biting Spurs matches I have attended over the years. Final score 7-2 but it was the second half performance which had us all cheering at the end. Well done girls. You lost, but we were all proud of you.


AloneMan said...

I don't know how old your daughter is but I do recognise that feeling of pride when you see your kid's team pull together in adversity. Through their enthusiasm, honesty, sporting behaviour and sheer determination to enjoy themselves, our children put many professionals to shame.

John M Ward said...

womble on tour wrote: "I don't know how old your daughter is..."

Tracey! I didn't know you had a daughter :-)

Mind you, it must be great to have a youngish child, but probably heartbreaking when they grow into teenagers and you "lose" the (hopefully) bright sparkly kid you once knew.

I should imagine that would be especially hard with a daughter after the "little princess" years on (say) six to twelve or thereabouts.

I suppose I'm lucky in that I have never had any interest in being a parent (and could not be anyway), but I am occasionally reminded of something of what it must be like, and womble's comments were helpful to me in that regard.

You're too young to remember the cartoon (in the Huckleberry Hound programme) about Dougie Doggy and his very proud father Doggy Daddy ("That's my son there!") who was voiced by the incomparable Jimmy "Schnozzle" Durante.

Back then I thought it must be great to be a parent, though reading about places such as Hackney (and Ellee Seymour has a very good piece on that -- and read the comments as well) I am now not so sure...