Saturday, 26 January 2008

More recycling bins please

I was out in Princes Park today with local councillors Pat Gulvin and David Brake and was pleasantly surprised by the number of people who requested bigger recycling bins. The Council has recently changed waste collection services to encourage people to recycle more and in the area we were in today it seems to be working. A number of people I spoke to said that the box wasn't big enough and they would like a wheelie bin. It was good to hear - people are beginning to take recycling far more seriously and if the Council can provide them with the extra boxes then that is good news all round.


John M Ward said...

That might happen one day; but in the meantime we are providing rolls of blue sacks, which are useful for odd-shaped items anyway. Put out the box and a sack or two each fortnight, and we'll happily round 'em all up.

It's what I do -- and in recent years I have been recycling at least twice as much as I put into landfill waste.

Princes Park Conservatives said...

Thats right John, it's just as easy to place paper, tins and plastic bottles in a blue bag then in a black bag.
Plus you feel you've done your bit for the environment.
Cllr Matt Bright (Princes Park Ward).

Anonymous said...

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