Tuesday, 8 January 2008

It's the small things that matter

There is a great story on the Princes Park blog about how some barriers in an alley have finally been erected, after months of hard work by Cllrs Pat Gulvin and Matt Bright and the constant pressure applied on the Council from local residents. The barriers have been put in to stop motorbikes roaring up the alley way at all times of night and day, allowing residents to go ahead with their lives in blissful peace. This is the perfect example of what your hard working local Conservative councillors can achieve - well done Pat and Matt.


John M Ward said...

Agreed on this, in both respects. The "Matt and Pat Show", as I call the Princes Park Councillors, has been a tremendous success in their work on the ground, and in keeping their residents informed, especially via their website which has impressed me no end! As they both know, I am a great fan of their "blog".

The residents of Princes Park are to be envied in having such good representation with the right attitude toward their job -- something that has not always been the case in the general vicinity (e.g. Walderslade and Wayfield, though at least the former ward now has the excellent David Brake as a Councillor).

The second point concerns the anti-motorbike barriers. This is something I have had in my own ward, and I and my colleagues have also dealt with in much the same way. Working with local residents (and especially Neighbourhood Watch groups) we provided the solutions they specified and funded them from our Ward Improvement Fund, itself a fund introduced by the council's Conservative Administration. I can supply photographs of a couple of these (Hook Meadow, which overlaps the edge of Walderslade ward, and The Long Walk in Rochester, which I accept isn't in Chatham and Aylesford!) if you wish.

Andrew Kennedy said...

Many people say local councillors are powerless to make a differece and voting in local elections is a waste of time.

Pat Gulvin is living proof that this need not be the case.

Strong and caring local councillors, preferably living in their wards, can often make a real difference to the "quality of life" issues that so often affect local communities. The Princes Park team are good examples of just what can be done.

Another good example of this positive local attitude are John Balcombe and Dave Smith in Aylesford. There is hardly an issue or campaign in Aylesford where John and Dave are not leading the field - from opposition to Barrett's proposed building plans, speeding traffic, road safety, the new Christmas lights in the village, additional police patrols to combat anti-social behaviour, the new scout hut and much else besides.

This is the big diffeence between Conservatives councillors and those from the Labour Party who sadly tend to see local government as a useful soapbox for Party Political point scoring.

Alan Collins said...

There is a great phrase I heard in Church last week: "You want to know how to change the world? One act of random kindness at a time!"

You don't need big ideas and big gimmicks to improve the quality of life of the people you represent - you just need small, useful things.

I myself am guilty of campaigning for such a cause in Wainscott - it took a simple white line to be painted on the road to improve the quality of life for the residents, most of them elderly, whose access to the path running parallel to the road was often cut off by inconsiderate parking.

As you said, Tracey, it's the small things that matter, and it's fantastic to see the principle put into practice by fellow Conservatives whilst the opposition parties bicker and snipe.