Monday, 7 January 2008

It could be ME!

The National Lottery has released figures this morning showing that the ME postcode is the luckiest postcode for the lottery based on the number of top prize-winning entries as a proportion of its adult population. It is only the third time that the ME postcode has been in the top 10 and now claims the number one spot from Ilford in Essex.

Apparently the Medway Towns has one top prize-winning ticket for every 6,119 adults who are eligible to play the Lottery, compared with Ilford in second place with one in every 6,839.

Furthermore, it is revealed that one in every 9,423 of people in the UK who are eligible to play the Lottery has now won a share of a National Lottery jackpot, compared to one in 19,000 when figures were first published in 2002.

Despite ME being the luckiest postcode it is hasn't yet worked for me - I haven't won more than a tenner on the lottery for about 3 years. Grrr.


John M Ward said...

I'm not surprised that many prizes are won around these parts, including top prizes, as there are so many tickets bought in this general area.

I noticed that when I worked at Asda -- not just the numbers, but the the sheer desperation of some of the punters to beat the deadline when there was a queue...

So many people trying so hard to get something for (next to) nothing, which told me something about our local population(!)

I have never gone in for this and never will, as I do not gamble in any way -- well, beyond buying raffle tickets at our fund-raising events. Even there, I donate two prizes and never take more than one, so it still isn't "something for nothing".

It's just the way I am, and always have been.

Anonymous said...

I won £10 in the very first lottery draw. I decided to quit whilst I was £9 up and haven't done it since.

However, that is not as bad as the tale of a "ditzy" Norwegian friend - she actually got 5 numbers but threw her ticket away as she thought she needed all 6 to win a prize.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Tracey - I haven't won any more than a tenner since I started playing two years ago.

Although I don't play every week, as the chances of winning (even in the ME postcode area) is lower than the chances of being run over by a bus, so it's not worth wasting my scarce finances.

"the tale of a "ditzy" Norwegian friend - she actually got 5 numbers but threw her ticket away as she thought she needed all 6 to win a prize"

It amazes me how some people are just so clueless!