Sunday, 16 December 2007

A waste of taxpayers' money

I have spent the morning catching up on some reading and have just read a fascinating article by Leo McKinstry in a recent Spectator which sums up everything that is wrong with Regional Development Agencies. They are a complete waste of money, unelected, largely unaccountable and Conservatives have always pledged to scrap them. Read THIS about our own South East of England Development Agency and decide for yourself if you think the money could be better spent elsewhere!

ps - the £51,000 Mr Braithwaite spent on taxis would probably cover the deficit for backdated police pay in the whole of Kent!

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John M Ward said...

This didn't surprise me at all when I read it. As it happens, we have good relations with SEEDA (okay, we have to, if we're going to progress much of the area's regeneration!), but yes, they are an unelected Quango with no real accountability to the locality in which they operate.

As usual with such outfits (unless they are tightly controlled, which is rare) they do indeed become bureaucratic and wasteful of others' money. There is no incentive for them to be otherwise.