Sunday, 30 December 2007

Fun at the Panto

I am not ashamed to say it - tonight I had a GREAT time at the Panto! I went with the girls from the under 10 football team I help coach to the Central Chatham Theatre to watch Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as a Christmas treat from the Club. I haven't been to the Panto since I was 10 myself and think I have sorely missed out as a result. The cast included Boyzone's Shane Lynch (not my cup of tea but others around me seemed to emit a high pitched scream every time he walked on stage) and Three Degrees star Shelia Ferguson. But the indisputable star of the show was Muddles, played by Paul Birling, who by all accounts appears to be a regular on the Chatham pantomime scene, and he had everyone doubled up in stitches, regardless of their age, with impressions galore and ridiculously funny panto jokes. The girls enjoyed it, the mums and dads enjoyed it, and I enjoyed it - my hands hurt from clapping so much! The Panto is on until next Sunday so if you want a couple of hours of entertainment go see it. PS - you don't need kids to go: the front two rows of the theatre were taken up by adults!!

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John M Ward said...

This is wonderful! For some reason, in the middle of last night, I started reminiscing about the times I was involved in putting on pantomimes and other show when I was in a Youth Group (yes, I really was young once!)

Coincidentally, then, I wrote a 'blog article on my site HERE reminding myself of those times some forty years ago when we young folk produced, acted in these shows, sang and danced in them as well, and all the rest of it.

Although my 'blog item concentrates on my role as sound engineer, I also operated many of the effects and also appeared on stage, so I could see the audience (behind the glare of the spotlights!) and appreciate their enjoyment. It was great!

I sometimes miss those times, but am always pleased to read accounts of those who have enjoyed current productions.

It is a genre that will probably (and hopefully!) never die, even if some of what is done is considered "politically incorrect" by the narrow-minded, as we all know does tend to happen nowadays. Anyone that shallow really does need to "get a life" as the saying goes.

There's nothing quite like the sheer fun of a panto, especially the audience involvement. We used to get kids up on the stage and get them to perform, which everyone always enjoyed. I wonder that is even permitted in today's Soviet-style PC society...