Thursday, 20 December 2007

Disappointing news on future of Maidstone A&E

BBC News is reporting tonight that the Health Secretary Alan Johnson has agreed in principle plans to downgrade Maidstone A&E despite massive local opposition and the rejection of the proposal by Kent County Council's NHS Scrutiny Committee.

It is quite clear that the Labour Health Secretary has not listened to people's concerns; obviously doesn't understand the local geography enough to appreciate that moving blue light trauma to Tunbridge Wells may well endanger lives rather than save them; and is clearly more intent on saving money and meeting targets rather than patient welfare.

Locals will feel desperately let down by the Health Secretary's decision, and their local MP who has supported this ridiculous re-organisation.

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Anonymous said...

This is terribl news for thousands of local pople. It also demonstrates two things:

1. This dreadful and broken government does no listen and does not care, and

2. Our Labour MP is impotant and clearly has no influence with his colleagues.