Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Christmas is taxing!

This time of year always brings out the best of the "festive" press releases and today the Tax Payers' Alliance (TPA) have published research which shows that British families will pay an average £225 in tax this Christmas as a result of their festive spending, which overall is expected to exceed £5.65bn.

The TPA have produced an excellent table which shows that if you were lucky enough to get hold of the much wanted Nintendo Wii, your efforts will result in a £27 contribution to the Treasury's black hole. The Apple iphone will result in a whopping £161 gift to the taxman, whereas the family tin of Quality Street (even minus the purple ones cunningly extracted by me) will see a charge of £1.40.

The full release can be read HERE.

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John M Ward said...

Oh, I think we all realise that, especially at Christmas time, our spending includes a lot of tax, and it has always been so.

What isnew, though, is the sheer level of tax, which has rocketed over the past ten years. That is not so well known, so I have documented the almost-a-hundred new taxes/tax increases introduced over this period (many of which are what are known as "stealth taxes") HERE.

Although this is broader than "Christmas-time taxes", it does put the whole situation in Britain today into context, so I think (I hope!) is useful to have laid out as I have done, year by year.