Friday, 17 August 2007

Labour's threat to Capstone Valley

I am delighted to see that our local Labour MP has finally joined the Conservative campaign to defend against Medway Magna's latest proposals to build over 9000 houses in Capstone Valley.
He may, however, wish to consult with his new boss Mr Brown on his delayed support since the Prime Minister outlined proposals before the summer recess to increase housebuilding by reforming the planning system to make it more difficult for local objections to succeed. Following which the communities minister, Hazel Blears, conceded that the need for new homes must take priority over environmental concerns and said she could not given "categoric assurances" about redrawing the green belt.

It is quite clear that the Labour Government is not absolutely committed to protecting the greenbelt, which is essential for guarding against urban sprawl. The Conservative Shadow communities secretary Eric Pickles in response to this threat recently said: "I fear the greenbelt now faces a sustained assault from Labour's army of bulldozers and concrete mixers - with local communities powerless to resist Whitehall's Soviet-style targets. We need to build more homes and regenerate rundown communities – yet greenbelt protection must remain. The greenbelt defines and protects urban communities from sprawl."

I couldn't agree more.

Saving Capstone Valley from becoming another housing estate should not be a party political issue so I look forward to our local MP signing our petition opposing Medway Magna's proposals.

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