Monday, 20 August 2007

The EU Treaty - Referendum Required

It was reported today that a group of Europe’s “wise men” has said that the European Union treaty agreed by Tony Blair in June is substantially the same as the constitution rejected two years ago. The Group, nicknamed the Amato Group because it is led by former Italian Prime Minister Giuliano Amato, has analysed the new Treaty and found that it is practically the same as the Constitution voted down in referendums held in France and Holland in 2005. The new Treaty will see the creation of a new EU foreign minister, a new full-time president of the EU council of ministers, and a big cut in national vetoes over decision-making in justice and home affairs.

Open Europe, a European reform think tank, has published an excellent document comparing what UK Ministers are saying on the new Treaty and what the rest of the EU's politicians are saying. It makes interesting reading and can be found HERE.

Given what we know now why are we still being denied the opportunity to have a referendum on the new Treaty? We the British public are being conned about what is in this document. It is a constitution in all but name so I believe a referendum is required. I have signed the Telegraph's petition for a vote on the new Treaty - you too can add your signature HERE.

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